I had the best top of the line work done today. It was a no pain filling that I had done. Later after everything wore off I was able to eat again there is no soreness at all. I’m back at the top of my game. We went to the fair and all was /is great. Thank you all of you there n the office.

Dan W.

Dr Quickstad has been my dentist since as long as i can remember; he is an awesome dude who does very quick and very good dental work. I've had other Dr's work on my teeth before, dr. lund orthodontics, and Dr. quickstad does near painless work in comparison, he's a tooth artisan with steady hands. The entire staff at clearview family dentistry is wonderful; I feel like family there because I have seen the same staff there since at least 1999; when i was five, they would give me gold stars if i had no cavities, and they would give me toys after ever appointment (I would always get the balsa wood build yourself airplane). In the fifteen years since my toy years the office has grown but it has always kept its small town feel and great service. I'd like to say thank you to Dr. Quickstad and his entire staff.


Taking care of me during a rough period. They care about their patients.

Dan E.

Very friendly. Professional. Excellent care. Great staff. You won't mind going to the dentist.

James W.

Best dentists, best staff!

Maria A.

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